Wills & Inheritance

If you are an expat living in Spain with property or other assets: including your bank account or any vehicle, you are strongly advised to make a Spanish Will in order to avoid costly, time consuming and potential legal problems, behind for your heirs to deal with.

For example if your heirs are non-Spanish speaking, imagine the problems they would face trying to circumnavigate the Spanish legal system. They will also be liable to pay inheritance tax which is un-avoidable, but by drawing up a Notarized Will you can at least prepare them for the likely probate implications.

Spanish Inheritance tax is charged without exception and regardless of whether you are an official resident in Spain. Please see below likely tax charges according to your status in Spain.

If you are tax resident in Spain and you leave your inheritance to a spouse, Inheritance tax is charged after the first 175,000€ value of your assets (figure based at 2010) and thereafter between 10 & 15% depending on your assets.

If you are not tax resident in Spain, Inheritance tax is charged on the total value of your assets but the percentage is indeterminable. As a Non-resident it may even be advisable to become a resident depending, on your total assets to avoid large inheritance tax charges.

‘Your life in Spain made easy’


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