Mortgages & Conveyancing

Once you have decided on the property that you want to buy, we can help you with all the legal matters and also to find the best deal on your mortgage.

Compra-venta ( Conveyancing):

If we handle a conveyance for you, we will cover all the aspects of your purchase or sale making sure that the transaction happens safely and smoothly. We will offer (without waiting for you to ask ) all the advice that we consider could be useful in relation to in whose name to put the property , capital gains tax, wills, NIE numbers, residency status, inheritance etc. The advice will cover all the tax implications both in England and Spain. We will offer this advice before you purchase to enable you to make the correct decisions.

Mortgages in Spain:

Mortgages in Spain are available from a variety of different sources including Spanish banks, offshore lenders, some UK banks and a number of private banks throughout Europe. We search the entire market, including all of the above to bring you the very best selection of Spanish mortgages for your property purchased in Spain. As in the UK, each lender has different lending criteria, for example with regard to the type of property they will lend on, loan-to-value-ratios, income multiples, term of loan etc…

‘Your life in Spain made easy’


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