QROPS & Investments

A transfer of a UK pension fund to a pension scheme provider in an overseas location such as Spain or Portugal is done via a Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme or QROPS.

Since the Introduction of QROPS in 2006, the acronym has become ever increasingly prominent. However clients should be extremely cautious when considering whether a QROPS is right for them. Whilst QROPS themselves are regulated the advisers giving advice do not have to be, so BEWARE.

Potential benefits of QROPS:

  • Freedom to Control Investments
  • Flexibility to access funds
  • Potential for an immediate cash lump sum payment
  • No requirement to purchase an Annuity
  • Access to income and capital without deduction of tax
  • Transfer of the fund to future generations upon death
  • Free from UK Inheritance Tax
  • Tax planning

‘Your life in Spain made easy’


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